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The most significant election in our lifetime

Expand the brand - Grow the movement

 Posters & Rally signs

 Bumper Stickers

A ready to go, turn-key unified national campaign

 Provide an “Internet identity” for the movement,complete with art for rally signs… etc

Giving millions of concerned citizens effective tools to collectively protest so we can “Stop The Don”

T-Shirts and Hats coming soon

“Be the Voice for the People”


Expand the brand - Grow the movement - Unify the Rally Cry

Integrate the Internet address, slogan and "rallying cry"  into one “e-media sound bite”  Is available immediately: We must shift the energy & motivate every voter NOW

“This brand will STOP the man”

“Lets WAVE Bye Bye to Don”

Its not too Late- Florida

Shift the dialogue with this “He’s unfit” slogan